Why Us

The true experts in Investment Immigration

Why consider Immigration under Investor Category ?

  • You may not qualify under normal Worker’s immigration category due to Age, Education etc
  • The tax burden in your country is unnecessarily high
  • Your wealth is attracting unwanted interests from authorities or hostile groups
  • The political situation of your country may require a quick exit for safety of life and security of your properties
  • The passport of your country restricts you to travel without visas for many developed countries
  • Your freedom to work or invest is restricted by your current citizenship
  • You need a safe haven for your family.
  • You would want to carry out your business in a country with higher standard of living and which provides you with passport to continue your business in your existing country of citizenship.
  • Your Assets may be subject to litigations

The URCSInc Advantage

  • The true experts in Investment Immigration
  • Proven Track Record
  • Well connected with required authorities for hassle free transition
  • Legal Representation of the applications
  • Trustworthy and 100% transparent
  • Correct Eligibility assessment and smooth processing
  • Great communication
  • Experienced staff
  • Reasonable Service Fees
  • Counselling based on the Client Requirements
  • Peace of Mind for you